Jian-Ri LI TaiwanChair, Department of UrologyTaichung Veterans General Hospital

Jian-Ri LI
Dr. Jian-ri Li is the Chair of Urology at the Taichung Veterans General Hospital. He got his medical degree at Taipei Medical University in 1999 and finished the residency training at TCVGH. He also received basic science training at Institute of Biomedicine of National Chung Hsin University, and Institute of Medicine and Molecular Toxicology of Chun Shan Medical University and obtained master and PhD of science. Dr. Li’s clinical interest is focusing on surgical and medical treatment of renal cell carcinoma and urothelial cancer. He also completed a 6-month lab visiting at Yale, focusing on urothelial function studies. His research interest is to study signal transduction pathway of urothelial cancer and to translate these results to clinical applications.