Welcome Message

Welcome Message From The President

It is my great honor and privilege to welcome all to join the 34th Annual International Society for Medical Innovation and Technology Conference (iSMIT 2023) in IRCAD-Taiwan, located the historic town of Lukang, Taiwan.

Since its founding, iSMIT has been a leading conference where engineers and physicians come together to discuss innovations that will benefit patients in the future. iSMIT 2023 will again serve as an invaluable forum to discover the next trend in minimally invasive therapies, AI, robotics, image-guided surgeries, and many more.

IRCAD-Taiwan is part of a global family of IRCAD training centers, located in France, Taiwan, Brazil, and Rwanda. It is one of the largest training facilities in Asia that also focuses on research and innovation.

During the two- and half-day conference, keynote lectures from internationally renowned inventors and physicians, interactive workshops for start-ups and entrepreneurs, industry sponsored symposiums, and hands-on workshops on the latest technologies are some of the highlights available.

Last but not least, you can surely enjoy one of the most historical towns in the beautiful country of Taiwan, with exquisite temples, breathtaking countryside trips, and savory cuisine part of the unforgettable experience.

Dr. Wayne Huang
Conference President

Welcome Message From The Co-President

Prof. Michele DIANA MD, PhD, MBA
Medical-Scientific Director @ IRCAD, Research Institute against Digestive Cancer
Staff Surgeon @ University Hospital of Strasbourg
Permanent Researcher, ICube Lab, Photonics for Health

The longstanding quest for precision surgery and safer and more effective procedures is progressively entering the era of cybernetic augmentation. Cognitive and mechatronics technologies in computer and robotic sciences are providing surgeons with:

  1. enhanced brain power to assist the planning and the execution of the surgical strategy (surgical artificial intelligence)
  2. enhanced eyes to see beyond the visible (image-guided surgery)
  3. enhanced hands for unparalleled surgical skills (surgical robotics).

The International Society for Medical Innovation and Technology (ISMIT) gathers physicians and engineers with a strong commitment to develop and investigate innovations from robotics and computer sciences, that are likely to improve the efficacy of minimally invasive therapies. The Research Institute against Cancer of the Digestive System (IRCAD) shares the same vision of developing augmented surgery by integrating artificial intelligence, robotics, and advanced imaging and advanced energy deliver systems. The modern surgeon must, more than ever, keep her/himself critically updated on the rapid changes the surgical profession is undergoing and must acquire familiarity with the new technologies that are or will be part of her/his toolbox.

ISMIT and IRCAD join forces, together with a stellar faculty, to provide a rich, informative and insightful event around the present and future of surgical technologies.