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Getting from Airport to IRCAD Taiwan via Public Transportation

We strongly encourage you to explore eco-friendly transportation choices when traveling from the airport to IRCAD Taiwan. Here's a guide to assist you in making sustainable choices for your journey.



Step 1: Take Taoyuan Metro to THSR Taoyuan Station

From Terminal 1 Station (A12) or Terminal 2 Station (A13) at the airport, board the Taoyuan Metro heading towards THSR Taoyuan Station (A18)

Transfer to the high-speed rail at THSR Taoyuan Station


Step 2: Travel via Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR) to Taichung Station

Ride the Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR) from THSR Taoyuan Station to Taichung Station


Step 3: Reach IRCAD Taiwan from Taichung Station

Once at Taichung Station, take a taxi to reach IRCAD Taiwan (Conference Venue)

Public Transportation Information

These official websites will provide accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring a hassle-free experience when planning your transportation to IRCAD Taiwan.


  • Taoyuan International Airport

​For information about arrivals, departures, and other airport-related details, visit the Taoyuan International Airport Official Website.

  • Taoyuan Metro

To learn more about Taoyuan Metro routes, schedules, and fares, please visit the Taoyuan Metro Official Website.

  • Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)

For comprehensive information on THSR routes, timetables, and ticketing, explore the Taiwan High Speed Rail Official Website.