Current MRgFUS applications for movement disorders, Chang bing show memorial haspital teams's experiences sharing

20 Oct 2023 15:00 15:20
Peihan WU Speaker

The MRgFUS (transcranial Magnetic Resonance guided Focused Ultrasound) is a new technology of stereotactic neurosurgery which is minimal invasive. It was applicated in treating essential tremor first since 2014, and then it is applied to treat Parkinson’s disease, focal hand dystonia, and even in chorea in some cases. In 2017, the Changbin Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, we had set the first MRgFUS machine in Taiwan. We also invited Professor Taira Takaomi to share his clinical experiences and technics of the VIM thalamotmy for essential tremor and the PTT tractomy for Parkinson disease and dystonia to us. We had performed the VIM(ventralis intermediate nucleus) thalamotomy for essential tremor for around 150 cases since 2017 and PTT(pallido-thalamic tract) tractomy for Parkinson’s disease for around 30 patients. We would like to share our experiences and ongoing future clinical trial