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Joe Yeh
Brief Bio
Dr. Joe Yeh received his M.D degree from National Taiwan University. After medical school, he spent a year working on reconstructing the wiring diagram of fruit fly brain in the Brain Center of National Tsin-Hua University. He later went to University of Southern California for Ph.D. program in pathology, where he discovered his passion for computer programming and image analysis when he learned to apply advanced light microscopy techniques to investigate the cellular dynamics of embryonic development. Inspired by the power of computer algorithms to perform fast and accurate image analysis and its potential to improve healthcare, he left academia and founded aetherAI. aetherAI is now a leading digital pathology AI company in Taiwan, working with top medical centers to develop AI algorithms to help pathologists to achieve faster and more accurate diagnosis. He also lectured on application of deep learning in medical image analysis at National Taiwan University.
Medical Imaging, Image Analysis, Artificial Intelligence
M.D., National Taiwan University
2019 100 MVP Manager 2019 Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Startup Award Gold Medal 2019 Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology 10 Coolest Startups 2018 Meet Neo Star Top Prize 2018 nVIDIA Inception Award 2018 TIEC Silicon Valley Award, Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology
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20 October 2023 (Friday)

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Yi-Shing LEU Moderator
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